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Top 25 Moroccan Soups Recipes by Haja Aicha-P2P

Moroccan cuisine is often considered one of the best in the world. It is characterized by a great variety of dishes, couscous, tagines countless, pastilla, best known for barbecue, but also many other dishes often known only Moroccans but equally delicious: the tagine mrouzia the tangia, kebab the harira (soup to break the fast), the SEFFA, there are also many regional recipes and each place has its variety of mint for tea. Moroccan pastry is also very varied and refined.

Top 25 Moroccan Soups Recipes (Moroccan Cuisine) by Haja Aicha-P2P
English | 30  pages | ePUB | 300  KB

Quick & Easy Pressure Cooker by Murdoch Books-P2P

A collection of more than 80 fast, simple recipes to impress family and friends, reduce energy bills, and revolutionize the way home cooks think about cooking
It’s not necessary to spend hours in the kitchen to create great meals; with a fast and energy-efficient pressure cooker, anyone can make delicious dinners and delectable desserts in only a fraction of the time. Just throw in the ingredients and let the pressure cooker do all the work. Recipes include Chunky Pea and Ham Soup; Beef Short Ribs with Molasses, Bourbon and Thyme; Mushroom Risotto; Zucchini with Mint and Feta; and Chocolate and Banana Bread and Butter Pudding. Includes dual measures.

Quick & Easy Pressure Cooker: More Than 80 Time-Saving Recipes for Soups, Easy Meals and Desserts by Murdoch Books-P2P
English | 277  pages | ePUB | 615  KB

Hors dOeuvre and Canapés by James Beard-P2P

A culinary classic! The legendary chef’s definitive guide to cocktail party food and drink.

James Beard, one of the most renowned names in the culinary world, launched his career in the same way that every good meal should start: with inventive, delicious, and elegant appetizers.
Hors d’Oeuvre and Canapés is a master class in creating perfect finger foods. Filled with stunning recipes including sliced beef with anchovy and Roquefort cheese balls, classic favorites such as deviled eggs, unique touches like mint butter for cold roast lamb, advice on decorations and hosting—and James Beard’s signature wit and charm—this guide will turn any evening event into an elegant soiree. From cocktails to sandwiches to pastries and more, Beard’s recipes are simple yet sophisticated, accessible for any home chef, and sure to stun even the most jaded guest.

Hors d’Oeuvre and Canapés by James Beard -P2P
English | 192  pages | ePUB | 1.8  MB

Grave Secrets of Dinosaurs by Phillip Manning-P2P

: Many of us have seen dinosaur bones and skeletons, maybe even dinosaur eggs…but what did those fearsome animals really look like in the flesh? Soft-tissue fossils give tantalizing clues about the appearance and physiology of the ancient animals. In this exciting book, paleontologist Phillip Manning presents the most astonishing dinosaur fossil excavations of the past 100 years—including the recent discovery of a remarkably intact dinosaur mummy in the Badlands of North Dakota.

Grave Secrets of Dinosaurs: Soft Tissues and Hard Science by Phillip Manning  -P2P
English | 320  pages | ePUB | 2.4  MB


Depression: The Ultimate Guide by Tina P. Schwartz-P2P

Nearly one in six people will develop major depression, and teens are just as susceptible as adults—if not more so. Serious depression afflicts more than two million teenagers each year in the United States alone, but it can often be difficult for teens to recognize their ailment and get help. Clearly, teens with depression are not alone, and it is important that they realize the condition does not have to be “forever” but is something they can work toward overcoming.
In Depression: The Ultimate Teen Guide, Tina P. Schwartz helps teens and young adults learn how to deal with this often debilitating affliction. Throughout the book, teens tell their personal stories of living with depression and other mood disorders, describe what treatments were successful and what were not, and share how they are coping today. Topics covered in this book include

Depression: The Ultimate Teen Guide by Tina P. Schwartz -P2P
English | 196  pages | ePUB | 6.2  MB

Peter Hook – Substance 2017-DiSTRiBUTiON

In this final installment of his internationally bestselling three-part memoir—including The Hacienda and Unknown Pleasures—British rocker Peter Hook focuses on the 1980s New Wave and Dance Punk scene and the rise of one of the most influential bands of the Second British Invasion: New Order.

1980. Resurrected from the ashes of Joy Division after the suicide of its lead singer, Ian Curtis, New Order would become one most critically acclaimed and important bands of the decade and beyond. With their hits “Bizarre Love Triangle”, “Perfect Kiss”, and “Blue Monday”—the biggest-selling 12-inch single of all time—Peter Hook and company quickly rose to the top of the alternative music scene. Widely regarded as the godfathers of electronic dance music, their sound would influence Moby, The Chemical Brothers, The Postal Service, The Killers, and other acts that followed in their wake.

Hook tells the complete, unvarnished story of New Order’s founding and evolution; the band’s experiences in the New York City club scene and rapid rise to international fame, its impact on house music, techno, and rave; and its eventual rancorous dissolution. Full of Hook’s “gleefully profane” (Entertainment Weekly) humor and vivid, witty storytelling, Substance is the most important and certainly the most controversial part of his story, emanating with drugs, booze, and sex.

Complete with timelines, discographies, gigographies and track-by-track analysis, and exclusive photographs and archival images from Hook’s personal collection, it is the definitive, comprehensive history of New Order and a compelling snapshot of the ’80s cultural scene in all its neon-hued glory.

Peter Hook – Substance 2017-DiSTRiBUTiON
January 31, 2017 | English | 768 pages | ePUB | 17.3 MB

Will Wainewright – Reporting on Hitler 2017-DiSTRiBUTiON

Allegedly the only man capable of holding the Führer’s intense gaze, Rothay Reynolds was a leading foreign correspondent between the wars and ran the Daily Mail‘s bureau in Berlin throughout the 1920s and 1930s. The enigmatic former clergyman was one of the first journalists to interview Adolf Hitler, meeting the future Führer days before the Munich Putsch.

While the awful realities of the Third Reich were becoming apparent on the ground in Germany, in Britain the Daily Mail continued to support the Nazi regime. Reynolds’s time as a foreign correspondent in Nazi Germany provides some startling insights into the muzzling of the international press prior to the Second World War, as journalists walked uneasy tightropes between their employers’ politics and their own journalistic integrity. As war approached, the stakes – and the threats from the Gestapo – rose dramatically.

Reporting on Hitler reveals the gripping story of Rothay Reynolds and the intrepid foreign correspondents who reported on some of the twentieth century’s most momentous events in the face of sinister propaganda, brazen censorship and the threat of expulsion – or worse – if they didn’t toe the Nazis’ line. It uncovers the bravery of the forgotten heroes from a golden age of British journalism, who risked everything to tell the world the truth.

Will Wainewright – Reporting on Hitler 2017-DiSTRiBUTiON
2 Feb. 2017  | English | 352 pages | ePUB | 2.1 MB

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